About Us

Live It! Wear It! Own It!  The Leon James collection was created to encourage you to showcase your style through SOCKS!  Yes, socks have become one of the most unique ways to add personal style to your dress code.  I too am a huge fan of pattern dress socks.  Coming from the office environment; wearing vibrant SOCKS were the only way I could live my style in the office. 

Over the years I developed a passion for wearing unique Socks not only in the office, but casually on the weekends.  After a great deal of encouragement, it was time to share my passion and interest with you.  The Leon James brand was developed to provide you with a collection of unique patterned socks made of quality materials that will make you feel comfortable throughout the day. 

In the end, this collection is here to make you smile.  If one pair of the Leon James socks makes you smile; we’ve achieved our goal.  These socks give you an opportunity to express yourself, so LIVE IT! Wear IT! and OWN IT!  Show the world who you are and what you can be through your SOCKS!